Dr. Karen Oldham

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I am a North Carolina state-licensed Doctor of Psychology with almost 20 years of professional experience. I regularly attend seminars and conventions to ensure that my work is informed by the most advanced scientific research in clinical practice. 



Special Areas of Treatment:

       Depression                Women's Issues                    Divorce
       Anxiety                       Identity Issues                      Family Conflict
       Trauma                      Eating Issues                         Addictions
       Grief and Loss          Domestic Violence               Career Decisions and Work Stress
                                                                                             Weight Loss and Health Issues

Unlike most other medical professions, in psychotherapy the patient's physical environment has a significant impact on the healing process. I understand the importance of providing patients with a warm, friendly and familiar atmosphere.
I am conveniently located near I-85 in Charlotte's university area. My office is cozy, warm and comfortable, which is exactly how I want my patients to feel. Therapy sessions are conducted in a manner so you can be certain that what you say during therapy stays between you and your therapist.

Credentials and Academic Background:
1983-1985 Emory University, Atlanta GA.
1985-1987 University of Florida, Gainesville FL.- B.S. Psychology
1987-1989 University of North Florida, Jacksonville FL. - M.A. Counseling Psychology
1990-1995 Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne FL. - Psy.D. Clinical Psychology with a concentration in children and families.
Florida Licensed 1995-2000
North Carolina Licensed 2001-present