What is Mindfulness?   And how does it Work at Work?...


Mindfulness is a way of being that leads to focus, clarity, and a sense of peace and patience, even under pressure.   It is a paradigm shift.  A mindful way of being includes being aware, focused, and in the present moment.  It does not come naturally to us to live this way consistantly.  We are constantly taken away with our thoughts and feelings, or distressing experiences.  We can learn to be mindful with mindfulness training.  Mindfulness training is collecting and gathering the mind around a stable point or anchor, often the breath.  Focused attention leads to increased concentration and a settling of the mind.


Mindfulness in the workplace is growing due to a large body of research about the benefits of mindfulness.  Mindful training can lead to:

  • Increased focus and clarity at work
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • More job satisfaction
  • Less emotional reactivity
  • A greater sense of peace and calm
  • And a variety of physical benefits including decreased blood pressure and increased immunity.