Businesses: Small and Large

Dr. Oldham provides services to businesses both small and large.


Independent Business Owners

Dr. Oldham provides consultation and mindfulness training to small business owners.  Services include presentations and mindfulness classes. 


A one hour presenation is provided to introduce and explore the interest of the business in incorporating mindfulness into the company paradigm. 


An 8 hour course is offered to integrate mindfulness into the business' objectives and goals, and teach mindfulness to the organization.  The training consists of 4, two hour trainings in mindfulness and ongoing consultation to sustain the benefits.


Fortune 500 Organizations:

In 2015, Dr. Oldham joined The Potential Project, the leading global providers of Corprate Based Mindfulness Training.  Dr. Oldham is a Senior Trainer and Facilitator in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  For more information please visit: or email: