What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness was introduced to western medicine between 1970-80 for use with medical patients suffering from heart problems, pain and cancer. Today it is widely accepted as effective practice and care for many issues.
Mindfulness is a comprehensive and flexible paradigm for living and being. This practice does not just address symptoms. It is less about specific techniques or quick fixes. Mindfulness may be described as beautifully simple, but also comprehensive enough to address the complexity of being human.
Mindfulness is paying attention to our thoughts, physical sensations and perceptions, in the present moment, without judgment.
Meditation is the process by which we train our minds in order to live our lives in a mindful manner. Meditation and mindfulness may be taught by an experienced practitioner knowledgeable in its practice and psychotherapy.  
Many have found mindfulness helpful in addressing their issues of trauma, stress, anger, depression, anxiety, food and addiction issues, pain, and self-esteem issues.



Mindfulness Training

I use many mindfulness and meditation practices in my work with others. The best practices for you can be determined with your therapist. 


I offer individual mindfulness training. Please contact me for more information.