Mindfulness Classes

I offer periodic mindfulness and meditation classes.  See the mindfulness tab for the current class offering and information about how to register.  The class consists of four two- hour modules for a total of 8 instructional hours.  Some classes are offered as a two-day seminar and others are offered over four separate weeks.  Space in the classes is limited and all members are screened to provide a safe and productive learning environment.  Classes are also offerred on an indvidual basis. 
All classes consist of both didactic and experiential learning components.   We will meditate at each class, and we may sit on the floor if you are comfortable.  We will also be moving about the room, so please wear comfortable clothes. 
To learn more about these classes or to register for a class, please contact Dr. Karen Oldham at 704-488-2406 or by email at  koldham@carolina.rr.com
The cost of the 8 hour adult class is $260.00 per member and includes a copy of my book Beginner's Mindfulness Practice Guidebook. 
I also offer professional mindfulness in the workplace presentations and seminars. For more information please visit The Potential Project at www.potentialproject.us.