Working Together in Family Therapy

The initial family session or intake lasts for 90 minutes.  All adults and involved teens are asked to read and complete intake and consent forms for treatment at the office at the initial session. 
The entire family unit, or those whose presence is deemed necessary for the intake, meet in the large family room for the first session.  The first session is spent gathering information in various areas of your life in order to understand your family.  There is a specific focus on the presenting problem or issue leading you to seek therapy at this time.  At the end of this session,  I will provide you with my professional feedback.  This may include a treatment plan with specific issues to address in sessions, and goals for behavior change.  If your family is in agreement with my assessment,  we discuss who should meet for therapy and how often may be needed to achieve some change. 
Family therapy sessions  last for 50 minutes and we generally meet once a week.  Once families begin to see some change, we may extend the time between our meetings.   Family therapy, like other psychotherapy, requires a full commitment from all parties to follow through with the therapy sessions in order to achieve some lasting change.  
Some families return to therapy at a later date to address new areas of concern or to grow with the changing needs and demands of a modern family.